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The following screens can be displayed on your scale:

  • The Weight screen 
  • The Fat Mass screen
  • The Muscle Mass screen
  • The Bone Mass Screen
  • The Water screen
  • The Heart screen
  • The Weather Screen
  • The Weight Trend screen shows a graph showing the last 2 measurements and the difference between the last weight measurement and the previous one
  • The Pas screen displays the number of steps you have made the day before
  • The Nike screen that displays your NikeFuel number the day before if you have linked your Nokia account to your Nike account
Other screens may appear if an action on your part is expected:
  • Arrows may appear at the corners of the screen when weighing if your weight is not evenly distributed on the scale.
    Lean in the direction indicated by the arrows until they disappear.
  • If several users have a similar weight, the balance will not be able to recognize them automatically. In this case, it will display the next screen.
    Lean to the left or right to select the right profile. 

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