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Why is Nokia splitting from its connected health division?

Nokia wanted to refocus on its networks and licensing activities and so decided to divest its connected health entity. We are delighted to welcome Eric Carreel, the co-founder of Withings, as the head of this now independent entity.

Why is Eric Carreel buying Nokia Health?

The co-founder of Withings, Eric Carreel's aim is to make the entity a key player in innovation across connected and preventive health, exploring new challenges with the support of a trusted team.

Are my products still supported?

Absolutely! Your products have and will continue to have the backing of our Support team, as well as potential updates and/or improvements to our services.

Will the brand be changing to Withings?

The teams at Withings will continue selling Nokia digital health products throughout the world. As far as the Withings brand is concerned, Eric Carreel wishes its come back by the end of the year, via a new cycle of innovations.

Will Nokia retain my data?

Your data remains your property. You can download it at any time from your online account. Nokia does not retain any record of this data, which will be fully transferred when the buyout of its health division goes through. 

Will there be new products?

Alongside the return of the Withings brand by the end of the year, we will be announcing the launch of a new cycle of innovations. An update that we know is eagerly awaited by Steel HR users is also scheduled for the summer.

Will you be reverting to the old version of the Health Mate app?

Health Mate has undergone many changes over the last two years, and now has exclusive functions such as coaching programmes. Today, Health Mate is central to your connected health and manages your devices, data and much more besides. We will continue to improve the app in this sense, based on the current efforts and feedback of our users.

Are my discount vouchers still valid?

Yes, the coupons and discount vouchers are still valid on our online store.

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