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You can see your latest heart rate measurement directly from your Nokia Steel HR. To do so, simply press and release the button to go through the screens until the heart rate screen is displayed. Note that going to the heart rate screen will trigger a new heart rate measurement.

If you want to see the full history of your heart rate measurement, you can log in to the Nokia Health Mate® app.

If you wear your Nokia Steel HR every day, you will receive an average heart rate item in your Timeline. This heart rate item shows your heart rate average and your different heart rate zones during the day.

hr-item-timeline.png hr-item-details-1.png hr-item-details-2.png

Note: If you notice that your heart rate graph line is dotted and not solid, please make sure that you wear your Nokia Steel HR properly (the dotted lines on the chart indicate gaps in heart rate measurement). Click here for more information. 

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