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Getting Insights

Whenever you add a temperature, be it manually in the Nokia Thermo app or using
your Nokia Thermo, the Nokia Thermo app displays Insights at the top of your Timeline. Insights are also displayed whenever you add symptoms or medicine to your Timeline.

These Insights let you know when it is recommended to get in touch with a doctor, based on your temperature and symptoms. In some cases, the Nokia Thermo app may ask you for additional information to provide you with relevant advice.

The Insights may encourage you to use Thermia in some cases.


Using Thermia

Thermia is a service offered by the Boston Children’s Hospital that helps you find out more about your state based on your temperature and symptoms. You can find more information on Thermia at

From the Insights displayed at the top of your Timeline, you have the possibility to access Thermia if your temperature or symptoms are worrying.

Simply tap Ask Thermia™ and answer the questions to get useful information.

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