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We keep improving the Nokia Steel by releasing new features through firmware updates! The latest firmware version is 1690 released on March 3rd, 2016. Keep in mind that all of our firmware updates are released in batches over a period of several weeks. If the latest update is not available for your watch right away, know that it will be available soon.

Change log

Version 1600/1620/1690 - March 3rd 2016:

  • You now need to tap your watch at least three times to display the alarm time
  • Improvement of the battery life
  • Smart wake-up feature: You can now select a smart wake-up time when setting an alarm. Your watch will then find the best moment to wake you up during that time period to make for a smoother wake-up experience.
  • Bug fixes

Note that version 1600, 1620 and 1690 are identical.

Version 1290 - October 30th 2015:

  • You now need to tap your watch at least three times to display the alarm time
  • Longer battery life
  • Bug fixes

Version 1070 - June 29th 2015:

  • Swim tracking is now available (see conditions here)
  • Bug fixes

Version 790 - April 27th 2015:

  • Improvement of the Android compatibility
  • Bug fixes

Version 720 - March 9th 2015:

  • Bug fixes

Version 700 - Roll-out started on March 2nd 2015 and stopped on March 9th 2015:

  • Improvement of the double-tap detection
  • Background syncs are available
  • Bug fixes

Version 570 - January 14th 2015:

  • Battery consumption bug fix

Version 550 - January 7th 2015:

  • Improvement of the battery consumption
  • Improvement of the hands position
  • Bug fixes

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