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Your Withings Activité™ lets you track your sleep without requiring any action on your part. All you have to do is wear your Withings Activité™ to sleep: it will do the rest on its own.

If you do not want to track your sleep, remove your Withings Activité™ before going to sleep.

Retrieving your Sleep Data

You can retrieve the sleep data collected by your Withings Activité™ in your Timeline or on your Dashboard in the Withings Health Mate™ app.

(1) Breakdown of your night:

- Time spent awake (orange)
- Duration of light sleep cycle (light blue)
- Duration of deep sleep cycle (dark blue)

(2) Time spent lying

(3) Total time spent sleeping

(4) Percentage of the sleep goal (of 8 hours)

(5) / (6) Data specific to the Withings Aura™: not provided by the Withings Activité™)

(6) Number of wake-ups

The Withings Health Mate™ app keeps your entire history, allowing you to easily track 
how your sleep data evolves over time.

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