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How can I track my swimming sessions?

All you have to do is wear your Withings Activité™ while swimming. It will automatically detect that you’re swimming and track your swim without any action required on your part.

A few requisites:

  • You have to swim continuously for longer than 10 minutes.
  • Only swimming activity is tracked. Other exercises performed in the pool, such as water aerobics, are not tracked.
  • You have to be regular in your movements. For example, your swimming can be impacted if the pool is too crowded, which could, in turn, impact your results.

To accommodate most users, our algorithm works best with breaststroke and crawl. Also, swim detection has been calibrated in 25 meter and 50 meter-wide pools. As such, your swim data may not be accurate if you swim in a smaller pool.

What data can I get about my swimming sessions?

Once you’re done swimming, the Withings Health Mate™ app will let you know how long your session was and how many calories you’ve burned.

Calories are computed based on the duration of your swimming session, on your personal data, and on the intensity of movement.

Note that our teams are also working on adding new features.


Make sure you use the silicone wristband during your swimming sessions if you wear 
the Withings Activité™. Using the leather wristband will result in damaging the leather.

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